International Logic Olympiad 2024

Explore the official platform for the International Logic Olympiad (ILO) 2024, a global event celebrating logic and problem-solving.











What is the ILO?

Offering high school students worldwide a chance to showcase excellence in logic and problem-solving, this contest is designed by the Stanford Logic Group, with aims to internationalize logic education and culminates in an on-campus final round at Stanford University.

Join the global celebration of logic and problem-solving at ILO2024, this prestigious contest for high school students worldwide aims to expand logic education internationally, while fostering a vibrant global community of logical thinkers.

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Why ILO?

Broad Academic and Professional Benefits

Particiation in the International Logic Olympiad (ILO) offers students a diverse range of benefits applicable across various academic majors and professional fields - including Mathematics, Computer Science, Philosophy, Law, Engineering, Medicine, Finance, and Data Science.

Academic Rigor and Prestige

The ILO ensures a high-quality curriculum (test questions and materials prepared by industry professionals), delivered by esteemed professors with expertise in logic.

Development of Crucial Life Skills

The ILO focuses on cultivating essential life skills such as decision-making and effective communication, which transcend academic boundaries and are vital for success in professional environments, enhancing participants’ social adeptness.

International Exposure and Networking Opportunities

Participation in the ILO provides students with international exposure, allowing them to represent their schools on a global stage and interact with industry professionals. The opportunity to engage in team-based competitions and attend the in-person final round at Stanford University further enhances practical applicability and networking prospects.


Registration Guide

Step 1: Create an account

  • Members between grades 8 - 12
  • Create an account and complete the email verification process
  • *This does not register you into participating in the competition

    *Users must verify their email to be able to register

Step 2: Team (or Individual) Registration

  • For team: Gather a team of 2 to 4 members. Discuss and designate a team leader. Collect all members' names and email addresses used for sign up. One member (preferably team leader) will register their whole team using the form.
  • For individual: Individuals can participate in all 3 preliminary rounds taken online. However, you must register yourself in a team in order to qualify for finals (Deadline: June 2, 2024).

Step 3: After Registration

  • For team: Members will be sent an email invite to confirm their participation (Team leaders are automatically accepted)

  • Participants who qualify for the final will be asked to submit Student ID for verification.

Round Testing (Dates & Times in PDT, UTC-7)

Round 1 - April 27, 2024 (Sat) 09:00 AM

Round 2 - May 18, 2024 (Sat) 09:00 AM

Round 3 - June 1, 2024 (Sat) 09:00 AM


Key Deadlines

World Logic Day

January 14, 2024

Registration Open

February 12, 2024

Registration Closed (Extended Deadline)

April 24, 2024

Round 1 Testing Day

April 27, 2024

Round 1 Results Announced

Round 2 Testing Day

May 18, 2024

Round 2 Results Announced

Round 3 Testing Day

June 1, 2024

Team Registration Deadline

June 2, 2024 (1PM PDT)

Finalists Announced

Final Round (At Stanford University Campus)

July 1, 2024 - July 3, 2024


How it works

  • Eligibility: All high school students, 8th grade and up. For verification, you will be asked to upload a picture of your current student ID for the Final Round.

  • Coding experience is NOT required.

  • Contestants are strongly advised to review the Curriculum prior to the start of the contest; please refer to the Contest Structure for chapters to be covered at each round.

  • Registration will begin on February 12, 2024 and closes on April 20, 2024.


Grading System

  • There is no minimum score requirement for each exam round, the finalists will be chosen based on relative performance compared to all exam takers.

  • For ILO2024: We are implementing a superscore system, where we will automatically take your 2 highest scores out of the 3 testing rounds. No action is needed from your end, the scoring process will be done automatically. The shortlisted finalists will be contacted by email after Round 3 is complete.

  • *ID Verification not mandatory for participation in the exam rounds. It will be necessary after the Round 3 exam is complete. We will provide more guidance on this on our website as well as via email.



  • Participants will be required to pay an Registration Fee of USD $100 before the Round 3 exam.

  • Missing Payments will count as incompletion of the ILO and will result in not receiving credit of completion.

  • Financial Aid Application is available ONLY in regards to the Registration Fee (USD $100). To qualify you must complete our Application by providing proof of annual income (tax filings, paystubs, etc.) showing annual income is less than $20,000.

  • Details on the Registration Fee (incl. deadlines) will be updated on our website as well as via email.

  • *Registration Fee is NOT required for Round 2 participation.

    *Fee excludes travel expenses for the in-person final round at Stanford University. All finalist teams are responsible for their own travel arrangements and ensuring their visas (if required) are in order.



  • The exam window opens at 09:00 AM PDT on the exam day and closes at 09:00 AM PDT on the following day.

  • You MUST begin your exam before 07:45 AM PDT on the closing day.

  • You will have 75 minutes to complete the exam.

  • All participants must submit their answers individually regardless of team status.

  • Failure to comply may result in a '0' for that round.

  • If you are experiencing technical issues during exam period, you MUST PROVIDE screenshots and email it to us to aid in resolving the issue.

  • Please take the Practice Test in advance to familiarize yourself with the test portal and prepare for the exam.

  • *Registration fee is NOT required for Round 2 participation.


Contest Structure

  • Preliminary Rounds 1 - 3 (Online)

    • Round 1 (Free): Propositional Logic (Curriculum Chapters 1 -5)
    • Round 2: Relational Logic (Curriculum Chapters 7 - 10)
    • Round 3: Functional Logic (Curriculum Chapters 11 - 15)
  • Final Round (In-Person at Stanford University)

    • Day 1: Questions with elevated difficulty, topics related to logic types (Propositional, Relational, and Functional)
    • Day 2: Unstructured "puzzles" (examples on Curriculum )
    • Day 3: Awarding of prizes, guest presentations, and campus tours


Cheating and Plagiarism Policy

  • Any student found cheating or engaging plagiarism will be banned from all future ILO opportunities.

  • Penalties for cheating/plagiarism may include disqualification from the current competition, cancellation of awards, and notification to educational institutions.

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